Important News


Dear Customers

It is with great sadness that after 11 years Price USA will now close for business as of June 1, 2018. My US partners and I will continue to ship orders already placed but we will not take any new orders.

The change to the way GST is applied to goods shipped from overseas makes Price USA unviable. From July 1 companies like mine based in Australia must pay GST on all for goods shipped. Unfortunately, we cannot compete with overseas businesses that will choose to ignore the GST. Australia has no way of forcing companies based overseas to pay Australian GST.

The end result of this change is Australia has lost a business that has paid a large amount of tax and which will now be replaced by a foreign business which pays zero tax and contributes nothing to the Australian economy. This could have been avoided if the Australian government had taken a different approach to resolving the GST threshold, such as taxing the good on entry and allowing the companies to prepay it, rather than only enforce it on those companies with an Australian presence.

This is a very sad day for Price USA and my US partners. We have run for 11 years and have helped more than 50,000 people order items that could not be sourced for a reasonable price in Australia.

My US partner’s and I thank you for all your business and support over the years.


Carolina Tillett & the Price USA team