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Who are we?

Price USA is owned and operated by Dr Carolina Tillett. In 2005 I moved to Bendigo with my husband Daniel Tillett, after he took up a Senior Lecturer position at the School Of Pharmacy, La Trobe University. I was looking to start a business which I could fit around our three young boys. After going through the frustration of trying to order an item from the USA, I thought that a service that would let Australians buy from any USA store at a reasonable price would be a good business. I have been running Price USA for more than seven years now with the help of my USA partners.

Why Price USA?

The original idea for Price USA came when I tried to order some childrens party items from the USA that weren't available here in Australia. The shop I first contacted was not willing to ship to Australia. After much searching I eventually found another shop that would ship to Australia, but they wanted to charge me more than $200 for shipping a $25 order! I thought there must be a better way and the idea that became Price USA was born.

Stories in the Media About Price USA

Over the years Price USA has been covered in the national media. Here are a few of the stories that still have active links.

What others have been saying about us?

Many of you are interested in knowing what others think of my service. There are a number of forum threads where people have discussed their experiences of ordering through Price USA. Just are few are shown below.