How do I order Nike ID Shoes?

nike id shoes

NikeID shoes can be complex to order because the links on are hard to copy and paste into my order form (the entire site is a flash abomination). The best way of getting the right link is the nike id shoes you have designed is to use Nike's tweet function.

Step 1.

When you get to the end of the nike id shoe design process you will be asked to put the shoe into your shopping cart. Rather than adding the shoes to your cart and ordering instead click on the light blue "twitter" button (little white bird icon) found on the right hand side of nike's website - see below.

nike twitter

Step 2

Clicking on the twitter button will pop up a new window called "Share a link with your followers".

twitter link

While you can tell the world if you like, you really need to highlight the url link (shown in gray below) .

nike twitter link selected

Step 3

Copy the link and paste this link into my order form. The link should look something like this:

Make sure that you check that the link actually works before submitting your order. Easy!

The only thing to watch for is if you have text in your design (your name or nickname for example). This can sometime be lost by Nike, so it is a good idea to include this in the extra information section of my order form. Finally, as with all shoes include the size so my US partner can check if it is correct.