What happens if I need to get an item repaired under warranty?

This depends on what item you ordered. Some companies provide worldwide warranties on their products, while others will only repair an item in the country of origin. Please contact the manufacturer of your item first. Do not provide them with any information (e.g. serial number or store invoice numbers) that can be matched to the item to you unless they say that they will honour a USA warranty here in Australia. Do not tell them the item was shipped out of the USA. The reason is some companies will later use this information to prevent my US partner from making a warranty claim.

If the manufacturer will not repair or replace the item here in Australia (or your country) then please to find out how the item should be shipped back to the USA.

If you purchased return insurance my US partner covers the shipping costs involved in repairing an item under the original manufacturers warranty. If you didn't purchase return insurance my USA partners and I are still more than happy to help you get the item repaired, but you are responsible for all the shipping costs involved in shipping the item to and from the USA for repair. We only provide return insurance for items purchased via Price USA.