Step 2. Enter Costs and Choose Shipping

This is where you work out what your order will cost. You need to enter the total cost (in US$) and the shipping costs in the USA (if you don't know the shipping cost in the USA then leave this blank). Once you have entered the total cost then choose the shipping option that you want based on what you saw in shipping cost calculator.

Prices & Costs

If you have absolutely no idea of the shipping weight, then choose either estimate cheap shipping for me or estimate fast shipping for me. While you can choose this for any order it is always best to try and estimate the shipping cost as this will give you an idea in advance if it is worth ordering from the USA. Important - shipping large items is very expensive because of the volume.

Optional Services & Insurance


There are a number of optional services and insurances you can select for your order. If you want return insurance (coverage of the shipping costs of returning an item for a warranty repair) then click on the return insurance checkbox. The other optional insurance is the damage insurance which covers damage to your item in transit. There are also two extra services that you can add to your order - breakable repacking and a detailed inspection. The final option is a request for a fixed price quote. It is not always possible to provide fixed price quotes, but there is no extra cost for requesting a fixed price quote.

Price Estimator

Price Estimator

As you enter each of the prices and shipping costs, the Price Estimator on the top right hand side of the order page will dynamically update the estimated total price. Use this to try different scenarios (express verses economy shipping, adding on return insurance, etc.). This function also shows the current exchange rate.


Step 3. Enter the Order Details