Some of my items have sold out since I placed my order. What happens now?

If more than 20% of the items you want are no longer available we will contact you. You will then have the choice of ordering what is still available, ordering something else from the same store, placing a new order at another store (this will require a new order), or canceling the order. If you choose to take a refund you will be charged a fee to cover the costs involved with handling your order to date. This fee is waived if you use your credit to place a new order.

If 80% or more of the items are still in stock then my US partner places the order unless you say in the order that you want to be contacted if anything is out of stock.

Sometimes companies don't tell my US partners that an item is out of stock and they only find out when the order arrives at their address and some items are missing. In these cases they will ship to you what has arrived and you will be refunded or not charged for the items that are missing.