What items can't I order?

Basically anything illegal, or hazardous for shipping on a airplane, is banned.

My US partners also reserves the right to not buy goods, or to not buy goods from certain suppliers, if they have any concerns as to the legality, morality, or reliability of the goods or store. If you have any questions about ordering a particular item, or using certain suppliers, then please

Guns, gun parts including gun scopes, alcohol, tobacco or nicotine containing products (including electronic cigarettes), nail polish, lithium batteries not inside an electronic item, fire alarms, poisons, pesticides, paints with solvents, pressurized cans, meat products, live plant material including seeds, pharmaceuticals, gold, cash are all examples of items that can't be shipped.

My US partners will also not sell prepaid US credit cards (store gift cards are fine to buy). Please contact me before placing an order if you are concerned if your item might be on the banned list.