What will my order cost?

The order page will provide you with an instant estimate of the total price via the Price Estimator on the top right hand side as you fill in your order details (on mobile it will be at the bottom of the page). This allows you to easily compare the costs of different shipping or ordering options. To use the Price Estimator you must have JavaScript turned on in your web browser.

Price Estimator

Please remember that unless you are certain of the final shipping weight (this may be more than the actual weight because of the packing and volume) the estimator only provides an estimate.

If you are having problems estimating the shipping weight please use my shipping cost calculator.

shipping cost calculator

The quote you receive is an estimate of the final cost that you will need to pay. You will need to make a deposit (approximately 80% of the price) for my US partner to place your order. Once the item(s) arrives at my US partners address we can calculate the final shipping cost and you will be asked to pay the remaining costs.