Why was my item opened by your USA partner?

It is a legal requirement that my US partners know what they are shipping. To do this they may need to open the packaging. You should be aware that since the items are bought by my USA partner as an individual from a store that they will no longer be considered new. Of course they won't have been used, but this means that what you receive will be described as being in an "as new" condition (i.e. pre-owned, but not used). Of course if you are buying a second hand item from eBay for example then it will be second hand.

My US partner makes a basic inspection of the items to ensure they are what you ordered, but this inspection is not able to ensure that all items are complete, or free of defect or damage. Items are shipped to you in the condition supplied by the store you selected. If you wish to have your item inspected carefully then please requested a detailed inspection before shipping. This will ensure that your order is complete and correct.

We highly recommend choosing the detailed inspection service as stores make mistakes and ship the wrong item or colour on quite a regular basis.