Do I get a tax invoice with my order?

Yes. You will actually be emailed two invoice when your order is shipped from the USA. These invoices are from my USA partners and are for the goods, shipping, insurance (delivery, damage and/or return) and their handling fee. Price USA does not sell or ship any goods or provide any service to you. All items are supplied and purchased from my US partners. Price USA only provides a service for my US partner's who pay me to provide customer service for their customers in Australia (i.e. you).

If you wish to obtain a single Australian tax invoice for the items this can be done subject to regulatory issues. In these cases Price USA will purchase the item from the USA and then sell it to you. The cost of ordering this way will be more expensive since Price USA must charge GST on all items and services sold and pay GST and duty on all items imported. If you wish to access this extra service please contact me before placing an order.