I have one day special that I want to order. How can I pay quickly?

If you have transferred the payment from a Commonwealth Bank or NAB account the transfer will come through instantly. Cash deposits also come through instantly. If you have a Westpac account the transfer should come through the next business day if you pay before the cutoff time (6 pm). All other banks will take 1 to 2 business days for your payment to clear. You can also pay quickly by credit card or paypal, the details of these payment methods will be in your quote.

If you are in a great hurry please as the trustee of the Price USA Trust normally only checks for new payments once each morning and again late at night. This means although your payment has cleared in the bank it won't have been uploaded into our system. Finally, please remember that it might be the middle of the night in the USA when your payment clears so my USA partner won't be able to place the order until they wake up.