What happens if my order weighs more (or less) than estimated?

Please remember that the "shipping and handling to Australia" (or other country) provided in the quote is only an estimate. Unless someone has ordered exactly the same item before and it has been shipped to them then we do not know the exact size and weight. Because of this limitation you are only charged on the basis of what the order actually weighs (either actual or volumetric), not on what was estimated. This means it does not really matter what the shipping estimate is except to provide you with my best idea of what the final cost will be. You do not pay anything towards the shipping at the order stage and are later billed the actual shipping and handling costs based on the actual shipping weight.

If you have Fixed Price Quote then no matter what the shipping cost turns out to be your shipping price will not change. Because of this we can only offer fixed price quotes on items where we already know the shipping weight. If you would like us to give you a fixed price quote then select this option on the order page.